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Foxar Media is one of the fast growing and trusted CPM network.


The first thing would be you asking how you can maximize your campaign with Foxar Media?

Let me start by passing that you already know the new changes made by Google Chrome team: Better Ads Standards

No more DOWNLOAD, SAVE, SPAM Malware ad campaigns will be served by ad networks and this will make many to leave and others to remain serving premium camaigns to publishers.

We as Foxar Media are happy to inform our publishers that we are on a side of WIN - WIN, this mean that we are serving premium campaigns with no malware or redirection and also SSL tags enabled


Here are some options that will help you Monetize:

1- Display & Text Advertisements
We are serving ad zones: 728x90, 160x600, 468x60, 300x250, 336x280, 300x600.

2- Content ads
Content ads are Image+Text ads that are simillar to content and help more to monetize.

3- Popunder ads
For Now Popunders are not long to be left before fully removed by many Browsers but still we are Bypassing and publishing popunder ads.

You want to know how your traffic is bought?

Foxar Media is buying world wide traffic as long as there is available ad campaing that fit your site.
We do not guaranty that your traffic will be filled 100% as the fill up of zones depends on many factors like:
The country, OS, Keyword used for campaigns and many other targeting factors.

When it comes to the way we are buying the traffic is: CPM.


What about Ad Blockers?

We are always working hard we can to help our publishers monetize maximum and for now we are able to by pass up to 92% of all ad blockers.
This means 35% to 40% more money / income for site owners.


What about unsold traffic?

For the site traffic that we are not able to buy or we have no advertising campaign, we allow you to use backup code from alternative networks where you can maximize your traffic up to 100% revenue.


What kind sites are accepted?

Foxar Media accepts nearly every kind of sites, but this are the site types we do not accept:

1- Adult
2- Weapon Seling 
3- Drug Selling 
4- Hack tools and Hacking 

Other sites are all accepted as long as they do not send VPN or Proxy/bot traffic.


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