Like everyone we believe you will ask what makes us different from other networks?

As you might know also there are changes being made on the world of advertising especialy the new rules by:  Google Better Ads Standards.
Foxar Media One of the trusted ad networks that is fast growing, provides different advertising opportunities, where you can select if you want content display or text based advertising.

With New rules followed by Google the Interstitial and Popunder or similar type of ads are being 100% suspended.

If you are working on driving sales already on Mobile The Popunder would not work as they have been mostly loading on background and up to 80% of visitors would not even see your content / article.


What Ad types does Foxar Media provide to advertisers?

Foxar Media lets you select if you want to promote your business via: Text, Display or Content Advertising ( Where it goes image+text..


How can i bring sales or clients when Ad blockers are going more?

Foxar Media is 92% ad blockers bypassing network, this mean you can reach your clients up to 40%.

Why 40% We know that so far 40% of visitors are blocking ads and this is the accurate reach you can increase your sales and clients.
Your ad campaigns will no more be blocked.


What type of advertising we offer?

We allow our advertisers to select if they want to promote via CPM or PPC/CPC.
Our starting price for CPM is from: 0.15$ and our PPC/CPC price goes from: 0.06$.


How can you target your ads?

Foxar Media allows advertisers to use many different targeting option without rising a price for the targeting of country or targeting of OS.

List of Targetings:
1- Country
2- City

You can select any of the targeting option above and set the Price of CPM or PPC you would like to pay for, The better the price is offered the higher your ad goes visible and gets higher reach.


Why to use display or content ad when can use Popunder?

The Popunder and similar ads are dead with new updates made by Google, and the chance to get more reach and more accurate costumers, clients is to target the way that can give you higher ROI.

We do not recommend any more the Popunder advertising as it will be dead totally for a short time. 


Now is the right time to get more precise costumers more precise clients with content advertising.

Create advertising account and start advertising with as low as 50$.

If you want to buy credits with other payment method make sure to contact us. We are for now working With Advcash Company or payments.

Create your Advertising account Now  


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